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Full text of "Paper Crafts"

Magic: the Gatheringa Card Game Advent Calendar 


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Magic: the Gathering" Card 

Game Advent Calendar 

Written By: L Bricker 


Cutting mat (1) 

Markers or other decorating materials 

Ruler (1) 
• X-Acto knifed) 


Booster packs of "Magic: the Gathering" 
or other cards (3) 

Pieces of large card stock poster board 
or cardboard (at least 14"x27") (2) 

Pieces of 2"x3" paper (24) 

Vfe" double-sided adhesive tape (100') 

Single-sided tape (1) 


This year my son was enamored of Advent calendars -the idea of getting a little something 
every day from Hanukkah to Christmas. He also wanted to give them as gifts to his friends. 
He came up with the idea of a calendar that contained Magic: the Gathering cards. This was 
a great rainy-day-off school project for the two of us. We put it together using paper and tape 
(and the cards, of course) in just about an hour or so. 

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a Magic: the Gatheringa Card Game Advent Calendar 

Step 1 — "Magic: the Gathering" Card Game Advent Calendar 

• Start by cutting 2 pieces of paper 
to the right size. 

Step 2 

• Draw grid lines where you want the 
pockets to go. Leave at least 1/2 
inch on each side of the card. 

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a Magic: the Gatheringa Card Game Advent Calendar 

Step 3 

• Cut 24 "pocket" pieces (2"x3"). You could also probably use post-it notes. 

• Tape the pockets onto the grid using the single-sided tape. 

Step 4 

• Using a card you don't care about as a guide, put the card in the pocket and score around 
the top half. 

• Do not score all the way around; leave some parts uncut. Also, don't cut the tape from the 
pocket above. 

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a Magic: the Gatheringa Card Game Advent Calendar 

Step 5 



— .. 



t ■ 


1 o 

i * 

1 *, 


i n 

i ■ 

m m *' 


f * 


• Decorate the front and label the 

Step 6 

• Flip it over and put the cards in order in the pockets. Make sure you note where the #1 
pocket is and go in the right order. 

• My son decided that the last day should contain a full booster pack as a special present. 

© Make Projects 


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a Magic: the Gatheringa Card Game Advent Calendar 

Step 7 

• Put double-sided tape in the gutters around the cards. Make sure the cards don't touch the 

• Put the back onto the front, carefully aligning the sides and press firmly to make sure they 

• Trim the edges to make sure both sides are the same height/width. 

Step 8 

• Proudly present! 

The calendars are a hit with the recipients! They can't wait to start opening them up. 

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